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Chris Milk: Shaping the Business Side of Cinematic VR

Vrse is a leader in the burgeoning world of VR storytelling and ReCode‘s Eric Johnson sat down for an interview with the Vrse’s CEO Chris Milk. 

Some highlights:

Asked what he thinks must happen to ensure his vision of a VR-heavy future comes to fruition, he says, “‘There’s three things that you need for virtual reality to work. You need the hardware that’s affordable and doesn’t make people sick, you need an audience that is willing to pay for it and you need the content. And right now, there’s a lot of using the technology and the format to impress people. There’s a certain reliance on the ‘wow’ factor out there.”

What should the content coming out in the first year try to accomplish? “‘I want to engage an audience on a deeper human level than any other medium that has reached them. We talk about virtual reality as ‘the last medium.’ It’s the first medium that has actually interfaced on a truly human level with our human senses — two of them right now, eyes and ears. Ultimately, what we’re talking about is a medium that disappears, because there is no rectangle on the wall, and there is no page you’re holding in your hand. It feels like real life.”

When we watch TV or read a book, we can instantly look away and be reminded it’s not reality. But VR might be very different in that sense at some point? “”That’s not where we are right now. Now, you’re confined to a couch or you’re confined to a 10-by-10 rug and you can’t smell things, you can’t taste things, you can’t feel things. But you have to figure, if you scale the technology out, those will come eventually.”

You can learn more about Milk’s strong views about VR’s potential from his TED Talk on the subject.