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‘Doom’ Co-Creator: Gaming Will Account for Less Than Half of VR Use

Rachel Metz reports in the MIT Technology Review on statements by John Carmack, a co-creator of hugely popular gamers,  “Doom” and “Quake”, that gaming will eventually account for less than half of the time people spend using the technology. In his current role as chief technology officer of Facebook’s virtual reality division, “He said gaming will eventually make up a minority of the time that people spend using virtual-reality headsets, although he didn’t specify by when he expected that to happen. ‘Not everything has to be interactive,’ he said. Carmack spoke at an Oculus event in Los Angeles for software developers.

“Oculus is working with entertainment companies to try to ensure there is plenty of content for people to experience on both the Rift and Gear VR. As well as games, for example Microsoft’s Minecraft, movies, and TV shows will be available. On Wednesday, Oculus announced that existing Netflix content can be viewed using the Gear VR. A Netflix app for the device places you on a red couch inside a virtual ski chalet, in front of a giant screen on which ordinary 2-D video appears. Video content from Hulu and Vimeo will become available on Gear VR in the next few months.”