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Virtual Bill Clinton

Writer Daniel Terdiman recounts his experience of his recent “meeting” with former President Bill Clinton for Fast Company. Clinton was in his New York office speaking about his Global Initiative but Terdiman was at the Oculus Connect event in Hollywood, CA, “where 1,500 virtual reality developers had come to learn the latest about Facebook-owned Oculus’ VR technology,” he writes. “And I was wearing a Gear VR, Samsung’s Oculus-powered virtual reality headset.

“I was witnessing something entirely new: Clinton is the first U.S. president to appear in an Oculus VR experience.”

“‘We looked at this opportunity, [to use VR] along with president Clinton’s [work], as a way to share his travels [with] CGI’s audience,'” Ed Hughes, the foundation’s deputy director, told Fast Company. “‘And unlike some opportunities we’ve had in the past, where representatives speak to our meeting, or more two-dimensional films, where you’re sitting in room watching a story told through TV or a monitor, this is one where you experience it in transformational way.'”