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Facebook Wherever You Turn: 360-Degree Video Coming Soon

The Drum presents a guest column by Henry Stuart, chief executive and co-founder at VR specialst Visualise. Stuart is very excited about Facebook’s recent announcement that it will soon begin rolling out 360-degree video. “With the social network’s acquisition of Oculus in 2014 it’s a natural first step for the platform in the move towards making VR a social medium.

“This means we’re going to have user generated content from events all around the world very soon. Leading this charge are devices such as the Rioch Theta who’s latest model, the ’S’ is an incredibly simple to use and lightweight camera that gives surprisingly good results. 

“Facebook is leading the announcement with content from the likes of Star Wars – 360 videos that are generated from pre-planned routes through scenes in their films.”

He concludes, “This is a big day for our industry and a massive win for our advertising and brand clients wanting to reach more eyeballs with VR content.”