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A Glimpse at the Future of Mobile Live Streaming

Live streaming and social media strategist Cathy Hackl writes an opinion piece on HuffPost asking “Is Mobile Live Streaming the Missing Link Between TV and Social Media?”

She writes, “’Live streaming is a new game entirely because it is dynamic, not static. Once a brand goes live, their competitors must follow. Customers will come to expect it. They won’t want tired, off-the-shelf archived videos,’” says Ron C. Pruett, Chief Advisor to Al Roker Entertainment, a thriving multimedia company that develops and produces innovative content across a variety of networks and alternate distribution platforms, including live streaming. “’Live broadcasting on a cell phone is the missing link between TV and social media. Period.’”

Later, she states, “Nielsen Social’s data shows that the viewership experience has evolved and that viewing television while also engaging on social media platforms is ever increasing. This integration of social media and television into our daily lives shows the power that social engagement has when determining the popularity, and many times the success of a TV show. Additionally, the Shorty Awards, have also taken this element into consideration through their Best Integration with Live Television Category, that recognizes live television productions that have integrated Twitter, Facebook or other social platforms into the actual content or production of live television. Mobile live streaming now adds a new layer to the way we interact with video content and how we engage with the television we consume.”