The NFL Expands Its Digital Offerings

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Adweek's Tim Baysinger reports on the NFL's new approach to the rapidly-growing area of streaming content. 

"The NFL this season plans to livestream more games than ever across multiple platforms," the piece explains, "including digital partners CBS Sports and Yahoo, and offer fans a comprehensive paid subscription service featuring premium content.

"To help make viewing a beefed-up, more seamless experience for fans, the NFL will announce on Tuesday that it has rolled up all its subscription offerings into one package called Domestic NFL Game Pass. The service, which will cost $99 per year, will include NFL Game Rewind, NFL Audio Pass, NFL Preseason Live and the subscription portion of the retooled NFL Now, which features NFL Films and other long-form content.

"The free, ad-supported version of NFL Now will be added to NFLMobile and become the basis for much of the video on that platform. NFL Now will no longer be a stand-alone app. The goal is to provide fans with a more user-friendly experience."