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A Look at New Tools for Pushing VR Forward

Forbes‘s Curtis Silver reports about the recent VRLA convention that brings together people related to all facets of the VR world, including producers, venture capitalists, creators and enthusiasts.

“‘Every VRLA event has doubled the attendance of the previous one — to the point where they had to move it to the Los Angeles Convention Center,'” Ralph Barbagallo, founder of Camera Birds creator, FLARB, says. “He believes that VR is ready to be pushed into the outstretched palms of the general gaming populace. ‘People really gravitated towards VR games with immersive environments but easy to grasp mechanics. Now it’s only a matter of getting hardware in the hands of the eager consumers.’

“It is also a matter of producing the right content for consumers, and not just gaming content. Producers are creating not only visually stunning content, but content that draws out more than just a passing emotional response.”