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CNBC Going All Out For Web-Original Content

Digiday‘s Sahil Patel reports about CNBC’s ever-growing support of original web content. “‘Early on, a small percentage — maybe 10 percent — were original digital videos,'” says Mike Senzon, executive producer for CNBC Digital Video. “‘I would say now it’s starting to become a 50-50 split.'”

“Altogether,” the piece continues, “CNBC’s digital arm publishes close to 200 videos a day and roughly 4,000 a month, according to a company spokesperson. These videos are available on and the network’s mobile and streaming TV apps, as well as across a wide variety of third-party distribution platforms including AOL, MSN, Hulu, Yahoo Finance, Facebook and YouTube.

“Senzon credits the growth to a ‘unified newsroom’ that isn’t divided along media and platform lines. ‘It’s not like digital video is a small team in the corner,'” he tells Digiday. “‘We are creating a way for traditional TV journalists to leverage their success by coming up with new ideas. I can name a number of our television executive producers who have pitched and created digital video franchises.'”

It seems likely that CNBC is ahead of the curve, but that eventually the differences that still exist today between broadcast and webcast will fade away.