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Is VR Really a Thing Yet, or Just a Lot of Hype?

John Bavaresco of VFX company the Foundry poses the question on CreativeBloq: Is virtual reality just hype? “No matter where you turn today,” he observes, “you see ‘VIRTUAL REALITY’ dominating headlines, investments and debates. Everyone knows what it is. But no one is quite sure what it does, and the design industry is no different.”

He goes on to suggest that if it’s mostly hype today, it could still be a major phenomenon sooner than many detracters suggest.”VR,” he says, “may now actually be about to reach a tipping point, due to the perfect storm of hardware, software and relevant content. No longer just a gimmick, VR can now enable engaging storytelling, immersive experiences and the potential to monetize the consumer experience…For the design industry, this perfect storm unleashed amazing potential. Villusion Studios, based in Seattle, Washington, uses VR to re-invent the concept of visualization, closing the gap between ideas and reality. With VR, they deliver realistic, informative, and immersive experiences that stimulate, and engage. This can include architecture, product design, and planning and development.”

The piece goes into some detail about a number of upcoming ventures and the reader comes away pretty well assured that Bavaresco is confident the answer to his initial querie is “no.”