Virtual Video Store: One Man's Nostalgic Notion Mixes Oculus Rift and a Treadmill

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Did you prefer the good old days of walking through a video store to find a movie to watch rather than simply streaming it from the comfort of your sofa? Why? Well, never mind. Jamie Umpherson did and so he came up with an idea for a virtual video store. As Jason Brick reports in PSFK, on his idea for Popcorn Time Virtual Video Store displays a streaming service's library in the form of movies on a shelf as was once done in your neighborhood Blockbuster. 

The idea, which Umpherson details on his website, involves the use of a treadmill, an Oculus Rift headset and VR gloves. It has so far not been underwritten by any streaming service but with enough interest, who knows? 

The only question remaining is how it's going to impose late fees.