Can Megan Ellison do for VR What She's Been Doing for Movies?

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Megan Ellison's Annapurna Pictures has gone ahead and made some pretty impressive movies (Her, American Hustle, Zero Dark Thirty) that other companies wouldn't touch. Now, as so many companies are waiting for someone else to make successful VR content,  Ellison's company, in partnership with Chris Milk's VRSE, is moving forward. Sophia Stuart in PCMagazine reports. "PCMag went to an Ellison/Milk-hosted #VRsalon event in Los Angeles on Thursday evening to find out more. Ellison, sadly, was a no-show, but Milk joined actress Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic World) and director Eli Roth, as well as a lot of tech heads, who mingled in the VHS and DVD stacks at cult video store Vidiots, eagerly awaiting a VR demo.

Vidiots is actually another of Ellison's recent investments. The store has been in business for over 30 years in a large corner lot in Santa Monica a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean. It's part local video rental emporium (locals in this part of the world include Keanu Reeves, of course), and part Hollywood research library for production companies who send their assistants to pull material that is often not digitally stored or available. Staff members are all dedicated cineastes and can handle even the most obscure request, like rare collections of Spike Jonze music videos on single-issue DVDs. 

"The store is ownedby Patty Polinger and Cathy Tauber (pictured at left with Milk). Before they started Vidiots in 1985 (with a stock of 800 carefully curated VHS tapes), Tauber was running Frank Zappa's business office, and Patty was working at MGM in International Theatrical Distribution.

"Unlike most other video stores which went out of business over the years, Vidiotshunginthere. Earlier this year, it looked like it, too, would have to close its doors, but Vidiots' famous customers helped it survive.

"The #VRSalon event was definitely part of Ellison'stutelage."

The piece reports back on the experience of watching samples of material from the new partnership.