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Is Anybody Watching Netflix's Shows?

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Mediapost's P.J. Bednarski reports on the surprising lack of information available about who's watching what on Netflix and similar services such as Amazon. While Nielsen is tracking a great deal of this for studios to know what to charge for library content and the companies themselves obviously have internal analytics, it seems that the content producers themselves rarely have access to the information. The piece refers to Tina Fey's public comments about her Netflix show, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt -- how she claimed to have no idea how many people watched the first season or what specific metrics led to the series renewal for another season. “We don’t have any actual numbers,” was the exact quote. “I feel a lot of people are watching the show. Let’s go with that.” 

Of course, for people curious about how and why some shows get renewed while others don't, Netflix does provide some clues. The piece quotes a Netflix FAQ: “We look for high engagement and cost efficiency. For renewals, we look to renew content that performs well (based on hours generated relative to the cost) and do not renew content where the price doesn't make sense relative to the value generated."

There, that should answer everybody's questions. Moving on...