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Is the VR Room the new TV Room?

Eric Johnson posits the following on Re/Code: If VR Is Going to Become a Business, We Might Need to Rethink the Living Room. In the piece, he says, “There’s this weird idea floating in the virtual reality hype circles right now: We’ll create new rooms in our houses to make VR happen.

“If you listen closely, you can hear my editor’s brow furrowing. Unlike augmented reality or mixed reality, you can’t see your surroundings in today’s virtual reality, so why do you need a room?Facebook trotted out the first public room-scale demos last year at its VR conference, Oculus Connect, and HTC is currently touring the U.S. and Europe with room-scale demos of its competing headset, the HTC Vive.”

Johnson speaks with some leaders in the VR field and gets their take in this interesting piece. Maybe the idea of a “VR Room” won’t sound strange at all a few years down the road.