A Man and his Pig: The VR Short, 'Truffle Pig'

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In a thorough piece on Motiongrapher, writer Justin Cone takes a look at the making of the VR animated short, 'Truffle Pig', the story of a man and his pig, who make a surprising discovery. The piece looks at 'Truffle Pig' itself and discusses the making-of aspects, from the questions of how to tell the story with the viewer in control of much of the action and then the technical elements of realizing that vision. 

Says Will Campbell, co-founder of the LA-based animation house, Gentleman Scholar: "The biggest technical hurdle for us was putting the control in the hands of the viewer while still staying in control of the narrative. There’s definitely a difficult balance that needs to be walked there, so that people have an enjoyable experience and don’t get frustrated — and also end up in the place we want them to be, feeling the things that we want them to feel and seeing the moments that we’ve planned out for them while still maintaining the illusion of control."