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Street Art: VAN Beethoven Brings the LA Philharmonic to Your Corner

Move over food trucks. This fall, Los Angeles will have an VR truck travelling the streets and offering people the experience of attending a concert by the LA Philharmonic. Daniella Walker of PSKF, writes about the VAN Beethoven. “Touring Los Angeles this fall, the Van Beethoven truck will be a mobile orchestral experience, using virtual reality to deliver a LA Philharmonic performance normally only seen at the Walt Disney Concert Hall,” she writes. “Visitors will enter the customized van, which has a carpet and seating from the hall, and put on a Oculus Rift headset connected to the LA Philharmonic’s virtual reality app. The experience allows viewers not only to experience the music of the Philharmonic, but also the subtleties of the acoustics within the Disney Hall.”

“’Music is a beautiful symbol of unity, and it is very important to share the joy of music with people from all walks of life and from the many different communities in Los Angeles and beyond,’ Gustavo Dudamel said in a statement. ‘I have often said music is a fundamental human right, and using this technology helps us to make this mission even stronger.’”

In the LA area? Check out the schedule to see when VAN Beethoven is near you.