Multichannel Networks Looking Beyond YouTube

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Reelseo posted a look at the expansion by multichannel networks to look beyond YouTube for other places to provide their services as a financial and administrative bridge between content creators and webcasters. Their emarketer report (available to Pro members of emarketer and teased here) titled “Multichannel Networks and Digital-First Video Content: Growing Audiences Beyond the YouTube Core” suggests "MCNs are breaking new ground in a bid to support their content partners  with production, and promotion, on other online video platforms, in return for a slice of the revenue earned by that distribution process. So who are the main networks, and how are they expanding their reach across the online video ecosystem?"

And continues, "As new video platforms like Snapchat, and Periscope, change the way we watch content, MCNs, driven by the need to be as visible on as many channels as possible, are revising their digital strategies to stay ahead of the game. It's no wonder that the more traditional broadcasting brands are snapping up these networks in a bid to reach the audience that is walking away from the TV, with their tablets and smartphones in their hands, watching what they want, when they want."

Even for those not eligible to download the full report, the page offers a taste with some interesting statistics.