Is YouTube Leader of the Pack in Livestreaming?

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David Pierce in Wired calls YouTube "The Sleeping Giant of Livestreaming." "YouTube," he writes, "is making an app for kids, a music service, an app for gamers, and presumably many others. It’s getting into 360-degree video, 8K video, and more. And live is a big part of the plan.

"YouTube built some of the infrastructure for live video almost by accident," he adds. "In the course of creating the YouTube we know now. It has a terrific, usable player that is embeddable basically anywhere and accessible all over the world. It supports almost any technical setup you can think of."

The article goes on to discuss the growth of live sports coverage and YouTube's success in the 2012 Olympics, their partnerships with phone manufacturers designed to sending live images as simple as the push of one button and the growth in gaming technology that YouTube has embraced . “'Imagine I’ve got this drone,' Matthew Glotzbach, vice president of product management [at YouTube], says. 'It’s got this live-streaming camera attached to it. It’s streaming at 60 fps, and eventually it could be streaming 360 video. Suddenly you’re like, wow, mind blown!'"



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