Major Stakeholders Discuss the Future of VR Content Creation

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SIGGRAPH attendees get to catch up on the latest and greatest in the world of VR, but for those who missed the show's panel of heavy hitters, Carolyn Giardina reported on their assessments and predictions about the industry for her "Behind the Screen" column in The Hollywood Reporter. "'We have a chicken and egg situation. We think amazing content needs to be made, but we have to inspire you to start to do this,' asserted Oculus Story Studio co-founder and Pixar alum Maxwell Planck."

“'The next step is to let the character react [to the viewer] in the VR experience,'" added Hanzhi Tang of VFX house Digital Domain. "'This is the crossroads between the film and games worlds.'”

The piece continues, "Calling VR production the 'Wild West,' [Lou] Pecora [of Digital Domain] and additional speakers from Digital Domain and IM360 talked about VR gear that's been developed by IM360, which includes a 360-degree 3D camera and tools that allow the director to view what is being photographed in real time."

"'Since SIGGRAPH attracts many software and technology developers, [Oculus Story Studio co-founder and Pixar alum Maxwell] Planck took the opportunity to provide his wish list for future VR production tools and capabilities. This included previsualization tools, review tools, and methods to animation, set dress and light in a VR environment.'"