BAM: Taking Networks Over the Top

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The Verge offers an indepth look by Ben Popper at BAM (Baseball Advanced Media), a company that has made a name for itself over the past 15 years within the industry for its expertise in delivering streaming media, particularly for high-volume presentations such as bsaeball games and other key sporting events.   

Among the most significant tests outside the sports world for BAM was the launch of HBO Now this past spring. "HBO," the article says, "had announced it was cutting the cord, finally offering consumers access to their programming without signing up for cable or satellite television. But the in-house streaming service it had previously built, HBO Go, had experienced high-profile outages during the season four finale of Game of Thrones and the premiere of True Detective. HBO Now was set to launch alongside the newest season of GoT, and it had to be perfect. 'Game of Thrones is our World Cup,' says Bernadette Aulestia, who runs HBO’s digital distribution."

The story sums up, "As consumers cut the cord on cable, BAM and its clientele are navigating treacherous waters. 'It’s more complex than ever for media companies,' says [BAM's CEO, Bob] Bowman. 'You need to honor your existing partners, your existing contracts, while also figuring out new ways to reach fans who live beyond the traditional formats." So far BAM has managed to bridge the gap between television and the internet. And Bowman is bullish on the future. "The fact that you can now deliver games on demand 24/7 to 4 billion devices around the globe, you couldn’t write heaven for a sports fan better than that.'"