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Survey Says 30% of Viewers Will Drop Service for Video Dropouts

Ever stream a movie or show and have it freeze up or drop out just when you’re getting into the story? You’re not alone. And your anger and frustration is not unique. Advanced Television reports on a recent survey (for current members or people who sign up) that indicates such incidents ruin the experience for a significant number of viewers.

Says Advanced Television, “Viewers are looking for a TV-like experience and will quickly abandon their show if the spell is broken and they are reminded they are online, according to the findings of a UK consumer report from OTT video experience optimisation specialist Conviva, with one third of respondents singling this out as the most important factor when choosing a service.” 

It obviously remains to be seen what the industry is going to do about this issue (which can only get worse as companies are sending fatter files into the pipeline), but at least the dissatisfaction is being registered and quantified.