Finding a Cure for VR Sickness

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A team of Stanford researchers have come up with technology that might help eradicate VR Sickness -- a phenomenon that turned off many potential VR fans.

As explained in Steve Dent's article for Engadget, "Virtual reality has unlimited potential, but it could make you sick. Stanford researchers are trying to solve that problem by tapping another new tech, light-field cameras. You see, VR devices can cause fatigue and nausea because of the "flat plane" 3D images they produce. Since those images don't contain any depth information, your eyes can't focus on near and far objects like you would in real life. Our brains want physical actions (like focusing) to jibe with what we see, so any disconnect can make us sick. And if companies can't solve this 'VR sickness,' the tech may go the way of 3D TVs."