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VR Film ‘MansLaughter’ Experiments with Multiple Viewing Options

Daniel Terdiman’s story on Fast Company begins, “Behold MansLaughter, the marriage of virtual reality, murder mystery, choose-your-own-adventure, and the visual style of George Lucas’s famous dystopian film, ‘THX 1138.'”

He describes the hybrid storytelling project, created by filmmaker David Marlett, which allows viewers using Samsung’s headset to decide which storyline to follow, as multiple scenarios unfold. By moving their heads, viewers focus on one of the four concurrent scenes.

“Marlett said he wanted to experiment with the idea of placing the four separate scenes side by side and letting viewers choose the way they take in the story,” Terdiman reports. “Because all four scenes progress at the same time, viewers will likely move between them, rewinding and fast-forwarding until they get a clear sense of how the story unfolds. Or they might watch each scene all the way through. It’s up to each person, and that’s exactly what Marlett wants. In fact, he clearly thinks the film will encourage multiple viewings.”

Read Daniel Terdiman’s story on Fast Company: Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Murder Mystery Could Be First VR Feature Film (August 3, 2015)