Phillip Swan: Why Streaming Is Like the Early Days of Television

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Phillip Swan compares the current state of streaming video to television in 1951. He says, "Television had so many technical problems in the 1950s that each station created a 'Please Stand By' graphic to fill the screen when the program would suddenly disappear from view because a cable broke, a station tower malfunctioned, or [any of] eight million other reasons."

Looking to the future, Swan anticipates that technological advances and improvements will eliminate the need for the digital equivalent of a "Please Stand By" graphic: "In time, like TV in the 1950s, the technology will get better and home Internet services will get faster, making streaming a better bet for the [discerning] viewer. This will encourage more people to subscribe solely to an online video service, ditching the traditional pay TV system from cable or satellite. And when the online services get greater access to coveted programming such as local sports, the transformation will accelerate further."

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