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A Hedgehog Leads the Way in Scripted VR Entertainment

Seve Zeitchik reporting for the L.A. Times writes about the creation of the VR short film “Henry,” which recounts the adventures of the eponymous hedgehog. The project is from Storey Studios, original content creators for Oculus, the Facebook-owned builder of VR technology.

“Henry,” designed to be seen on Oculus CV1 headsets (scheduled to be available early next year), will make use of all the immersive capabilities of the VR hardware.

As the L.A. Times piece explains, the team involved in making “Henry” — many of whom come with Pixar pedigrees — discovered that there’s more to master in VR storytelling than the VR piece. “A lot of comedy in animated movies, like slapstick, is actually based on sad things — you know, someone falls on their face or gets a bad break,” Story Studio chief Saschka Unseld explains. “When that sad thing happens in a traditional film, it can be funny because there’s some distance. But when you have as much empathy as you do in a VR film, it can be super sad.”