Katie Couric Chats with BuzzFeed's Ze Frank, Discusses the Future of Online Video

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Bree Brouwer, of the site TubeFilter, reported on the Anaheim, CA-based VidCon 2015 conference, where news personality Katie Couric of Yahoo interviewed Ze Frank of BuzzFeed Motion Pictures' about his company's approach to creating web video content. "Identity is one of the vectors for how we use media," Frank explained to Couric and the large audience of attendees.

BuzzFeed, he noted, embraces niche audiences that are underserved by "traditional media." He also added that his company's most popular pieces are those that people identify with and form strong opinions about. Citing their "Weird Things Couples Fight About," as an example of a short video that connects to its audience on a human level and inspires discussion. He said the reason that video was shared so often isn't because people relate to the video itself, but rather used because they could use it as a vehicle to consider their own relationships.