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MTV Releases Interactive ‘Choose Your Own Murder’ Game

MTV has teamed up with interactive platform Interlude to create a Choose Your Own Murder interactive video in correlation with its new show Scream. The video places you straight in the middle of a horror movie scenario and lets you try and escape a deranged killer by making various choices.

Jack Daley, MTV’s VP of Fan Engagement, tells The Drum, “The idea was based off that moment we’ve all had when watching a horror movie where you find yourself screaming at the screen in disbelief because the victim-to-be ran up the stairs to escape the killer instead of out the front door.  The Scream franchise has always been about analyzing and playing with classic horror movie clichés. So it was a natural fit to give users the chance to make those life or death choices for themselves and, subsequently, offer them a compelling and fun experience. And what was great is that the technology allowed us to make this idea a reality with a seamless interactive video experience.”

Check out the experience here.