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Relax, It’s an AVX

Sennheiser AVX is a brand new wireless microphone system for videographers. It guarantees stress-free audio capture for any type of film/video project. Whether you make professional documentaries or shoot news or wedding videos, you will find among the AVX sets one that meets your needs. Rely on perfect sound quality, relax and leave the rest to the dependable Sennheiser technology.

AVX digital transmission is fully self-configuring, making the setup of radio frequencies a thing of the past. The ultra-compact receiver rotates around the XLR connector to avoid collision with other devices mounted on your camera. It switches on and off automatically with your camera, conserving battery power. The AVX matches your camera’s input sensitivity without you having to adjust the audio level on the microphone. In situations from street interviews to corporate videos, the AVX works perfectly while you concentrate on the creativity. AVX is a truly hassle-free portable wireless microphone system.

The AVX systems and components will go on sale in June 2015. 

Available sets include:

AVX-835 Handheld mic set with MMD 835-1 microphone head

AVX-ME 2 Lavalier set with ME 2 lavalier microphone

AVX-MKE 2 Lavalier set with MKE 2 lavalier microphone

AVX-COMBO Interview set (USA only)

All sets include a hot shoe mount, adapter cable for DSLR use, belt clip, Li-ion energy packs and charger.