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Business School Invests in Matrox

At HEC Montreal, the University of Montreal’s business school, many activities require live streaming and recording. In addition to daily classes and lectures, HEC regularly hosts and broadcasts events such as discussion forums, conventions, seminars and web conferences.

HEC’s AV support agent Jayson Dénommée is using Matrox’s Monarch HD appliance to handle streaming and recording simultaneously. When streaming large amphitheater events, three Sony PMW-EX3 XDCAM HD cameras are connected to a switcher. The output of the switcher is connected through an SDI-to-HDMI converter to the input of Monarch HD. Audio is sent from the switcher to Monarch HD’s analog audio input. Monarch HD then sends an RTMP stream to HEC’s own dedicated Adobe Flash Media Server, which streams the video live while recording a mastering-quality version to an SD card or USB drive.

HEC configured its Monarch HD to stream at 1 Mb/s for viewing within the campuses at 1280 x 720 HD resolution and to record at 4 Mb/s when needed for archiving and editing. When streaming to other locations where the bandwidth at the receiver’s end is unknown, resolution varies from 512 x 280 to 852 x 480, depending on the client’s requirement. Monarch HD streams using variable bit rate (VBR) encoding, making the most efficient use of available bandwidth.

HEC intends to go beyond events by integrating Monarch HD into day-to-day operations. Administrators would like to use Monarch HD to stream and record classes in the near future, so they have been testing it in classroom situations.