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The Mill Provides Visual Effects for Justin Lin’s Groundbreaking Interactive Short

It took 13 months, 15,000,000 rendered frames, and 200 terabytes of data for The Mill to complete the visual effects for Justin Lin’s “Help,” Google’s latest installment in its interactive Spotlight Stories series. The action short is a unique combination of CGI and live-action, all shot and experienced in a 360-degree environment.

As The Mill explains on their site, “After numerous tests, experimentation and R&D, The Mill developed ‘Mill Stitch’ (TM pending), a proprietary software solution that takes images from multiple cameras and then stitches the output into a continuous 360 degree view. This on-set solution provided the director and director of photography with the unique ability to dynamically move the camera to follow the high-intensity action that is the dramatic hallmark of ‘HELP’. During post-production, a more refined version of ‘Mill Stitch’ was used in tandem with several other proprietary Mill software tools to rebuild a seamless drama combining live-action and vast CG environments.”

Watch a behind-the-scenes look below and read the full story here.