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Reel FX VR and the United States Air Force Create an Immersive Mobile VR Experience

Reel FX VR has partnered with the U.S. Air Force Recruiting Service (AFRS) and its agency GSD&M for “Air Force Performance Lab,” a unique, mobile VR experience. The innovative mobile marketing tour launched Memorial Day weekend at the Salute to Veterans Air Show in Columbia, Mo. with the goal of attracting tech-minded youth with a heightened interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), Special Operations and careers in the Air Force.

Working with GSD&M, Reel FX VR created the content behind “Air Force Performance Lab’s” multi-faceted digital production, which includes:

  • Oculus Rift Flight Simulator –A real-time flight simulator where participants can pilot a fighter jet through a challenging course, using throttle and stick controls, where they are judged on speed and accuracy. The simulator includes haptic feedback from an integrated SUBPAC rumble seat and dynamic feedback from a mock Air Traffic Controller.
  • Kinect 2 Pull-Up Bar Challenge –A physical challenge where participants can compete against real Airmen in a pull-up battle
  • Cognitive Skill Analysis –A 42” vertical touchscreen featuring multi-gesture challenge games that test spatial/mechanical, logic/reasoning and situational awareness skills
  • Exploratory Career Room – A custom mobile app on iPads that allows participants to explore more than 30 Air Force career possibilities

“We were thrilled to work with both GSD&M and The U.S. Air Force on this one of a kind immersive recruiting tour,” notes Reel FX head of interactive Dan Ferguson. “The breadth of content and the variety of experiences that potential Airmen can interact with gives them real insight into various career options available. Creating VR and interactive content that could meet the exact standards of the USAF and challenge civilians was quite an undertaking, but we think that the result is something totally unique.”