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Nielsen President Details Their Plans for Digital Ratings

The Wall Street Journal talks to Nielsen Global President Steve Hasker to discuss how the company is changing along with the ratings industry its synonomous for by finding new and innovative ways to measure the success of digital content.

Says Hasker, “We can measure live and time-shifted TV. We can measure ad-supported VOD and we can measure mobile viewing of video ads. The pieces that we are in the process of adding are, firstly, over-the-top viewing, which will be accelerated so that by the end of the year we will be able to include over-the-top viewing in ways that our clients demand. The second is the launch in September of the Digital Content Ratings, in partnership with Adobe. That will measure not only ad viewership, but viewership of the program. Media companies will be able represent the total audience of a particular program, no matter how it is viewed, by whom or on what platform or device.”

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