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Microsoft Demonstrates HoloLens’ Professional Potentials

Wired reports from Microsoft’s BUILD developers conference, where the company demonstrated some of the professional potential of its augmented reality/hologram technology, HoloLens.

As they explain, “In the first of these, representatives from Case Western Reserve University demonstrated how medical education could benefit from virtual anatomical lessons instead of—or more likely, in addition to—the traditional piles and piles of cadavers and thick medical tomes. ‘The mixed reality of the HoloLens has the potential to revolutionize [medical] education by bringing 3D content into the real world,’ said CWRU’s Mark Griswold from the BUILD stage, before demonstrating how, ‘using holograms we can easily separate and focus in on individual systems.’ The result is like having access to every facet of the famed Bodies exhibition at once, directly in front of you, any one aspect of which you can examine more closely before retreating back to surface level.”

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