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Toronto Silent Film Festival Creates Innovative Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Instagram Campaign

The Toronto Silent Film Festival is leveraging Instagram for an innovative campaign that lets users create a “choose-your-own-adventure” silent film.

Using 15-second clips from the films featured at the festival, Instagrams users are prompted to pick one of two hashtags at the end of each clip, thereby curating which way the story goes.

Says Matthew Litzinger, Chief Creative Officer at Red Lion, “Silent films are truly a personal experience when watched, the scenes accompanied by music makes the films even more unique to each viewer. We wanted to see if we could illustrate that uniqueness in a new way…To us, it’s always exciting when you have a chance to redefine something, in this case hopefully by looking at a new medium differently, people will start to do the same with an old one.”

See a trailer for the experience below. (via PSFK)