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Why Brands Should Take a Deeper Look at Interactive Videos

Rapt Media CEO Erika Trautman talks to Video Ink about the potential of interactive videos and how brands can leverage that power.

She says, “Consumers today, especially millennials, are hyper-connected, skeptical, and deeply empowered. They expect customization and personalization. They want to be invited to opt in, not forced to consume a one-size-fits-all message. To provide some context, I’ll cite Ryan Skinner’s Forrester research. The average consumer uses over 10 sources of information before making a purchase decision, with internet search, social referrals, and brand websites as the top three sources of information. Traditional ads rank very low in driving purchase consideration, so brands today need to earn their visibility. The most successful brands do this by creating customer-centric content that provides value for their audience first. Interactive video lets brands create a personalized conversation with a viewer that drive meaningful results. But just as importantly, interactive video generates significantly more data for a brand because each interaction can be tracked. The result is that brands get much deeper insight about what works and why, which allows them to iterate on content to continuously improve results.”

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