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Inside the International Distribution Strategy of Netflix’s ‘Daredevil’

A deeper look at the logistics--from encoding to translations--that ensured a smooth launch for the new superhero series.

On Friday, Netflix had its biggest original programming launch yet: for the first time, Marvel’s Daredevil was launched simultaneously in all of the streaming service’s territories–which includes 50 countries.

The Guardian delves into the logistics–from encoding to translations–that ensured a smooth launch. They write, “Once the show is finalized, about a month before launch the original video is presented to Netflix’s product team, which needs to make hundreds of different encodings of that video to fit every sort of device (mobile phones, tables, gaming consoles, as well as laptops and television sets) and every sort of bandwidth. Netflix is equipped to switch from different encodings of the video based on the device a subscriber is using and how fast that user’s internet is at any given moment. The goal is for the stream to never come to a complete stop. ‘We would rather degrade the quality of the video and not interrupt the viewing experience, and then bring the quality back up once the broadband is back up to speed,’ Chris Jaffe, Netflix vice president of product innovation, says about the process. Since it is launching globally, Daredevil (and all of Netflix’s original shows) needs to be translated into all the different languages spoken where the service is available. Each show gets both subtitles and dubbing into that language. Most of that work is done by outside contractors, but Netflix has teams that do quality control and monitor the cultural sensitivity of the translations.”

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