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Streaming and the Single-Operator System: RUSHWORKS President Rush Beesley Leads a Technology Tour

What solutions does RUSHWORKS provide?

TalkingPoints GUI

Rush Beesley: RUSHWORKS provides low-cost, high-performance television production, automation and video streaming solutions. They are designed as single operator systems for broadcast and Internet TV, cable, PEG channels, meetings, events, houses of worship and digital signage.

Do all your solutions provide streaming directly from the box?

Yes. We include Flash Media Live Encoder with our VDESK, REMO and A-LIST configurations. So you can deliver a single stream—typically H.264—with any data rate you specify.

You’re active in multiple market sectors. Which markets are trending stronger than others?

With dramatic and unsettling changes occurring in the broadcast industry, OTT service and content providers are emerging as a viable and substantial force. Now that so many people can easily and affordably become content publishers in their own right by taking advantage of expanding Internet access and opportunities, there is a dramatic increase in content production across many markets. So I would say that any markets that are actively pursuing streamed content delivery are definitely growth markets for the future. We’re seeing that trend daily with increasing requests from customers and prospects for subscriptions to our ANYSCREEN service, which supports a single stream up and transcoded delivery down to virtually all receiving devices. That service includes setting up a Roku channel, which is quickly becoming a viable alternative to broadcast and cable content distribution.

Why did you develop your new TalkingPoints solution?

TalkingPoints output screen

It actually evolved from exhibiting at hundreds of association conferences over the years. The scheduled agenda for conferences is a predictably repeatable template. The first day there is a breakfast and general session, followed by several “breakout sessions” throughout the day. These typically last about an hour and 15 minutes each, followed by a short refreshment break. Depending on the size and scope of the conference, there can be six or more simultaneous sessions underway.

Monitoring these sessions, I was struck by the fact that since there are multiple breakout sessions in progress at the same time, conference attendees are spread among them—so there are a lot of great presentations that many attendees never experience. And since the attendees represent only a very small percentage of any organization’s employee base, none of the valuable session information is available to the organization as a whole.

Rush Beesley

We consider these sessions “opportunities lost,” and developed TalkingPoints as a means of capturing presentation content into a file that can be streamed, copied or made available for video-on-demand access. The HD screen format integrates the slideshow, presenter and panelists into a multiple picture-in-picture display that literally captures every element of the presentation. We use PTZ cameras with presets, and support an optional third camera that covers the audience during post-session Q&A. The dedicated presenter camera can even motion-track the presenter when they step away from the lectern.

It’s also appropriate for classrooms, lecture halls and corporate training … any venue where slideshow presentations are delivered. We like to think of TalkingPoints as “opportunities found.” 

Rush Beesley is president of RUSHWORKS.