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MLB Advanced Media Takes on a Different ‘Game’ with HBO Streaming Partnership

MLB Advanced Media, which initially stared out as the live-streaming arm of Major League Baseball, has become a major player in the world of streaming video–most noticeably taking on duties for HBO as it gears up to roll out its latest season of mega-hit show Game of Thrones.

As MLBAM CEO Bob Bowman tells TechCrunch, “[HBO is] one of the major media brands in the world, and that’s doing a launch with one of their best content properties ever. I guess what I’m saying is, this has to be 9s all the way across — 99.999, in terms of reliability, customizability, beauty and all of those other things in order to be successful with the entire world examining it. Not just to HBO customers and people who are buying it, and not just Richard [Plepler, HBO CEO] and his team, but every other network. Because when HBO moves in this direction, every other network is going to look at it.”

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