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‘Community’ on Yahoo Stays True to Its Style

"We didn't want to all of a sudden start changing things just because we could," says the show creator.

Community is getting a fresh start for its sixth season. With new cast members and a whole new digital network (Yahoo will be streaming new episodes in lieu of NBC), the beloved sitcom continues to evolve. Still, creator Dan Harmon promises that it will stay true to its zany style whether it’s on network TV or–now–the Internet.

He tells The Hollywood Reporter, “The philosophy for season six was really to make it have a season-one feel. In season one, we really tried to get outside one of the five days of the week for the episode so the show would feel like you were in reality and not some Saved by the Bell lockdown. As episodes went on and my unprofessionalism kept us late with scripts, that was the first thing to go though. So this year we are getting outside more, but it’s the same Community fans have come to know and love. We didn’t want to all of a sudden start changing things just because we could — like ‘Oh, we’re on the Internet now. We can curse; we can make 15-minute longer episodes; we can go crazy!’ “

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