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Snapchat’s ‘Our Stories’ Is Garnering Tens of Millions of Views

Gigaom’s Carmel DeAmicis examines the truly impressive numbers that Snapchat’s “Our Stories,” its crowdsourced section, is receiving.

As she explains, “A few weeks ago, a friend sent me a Snapchat screenshot of someone’s contribution to New York’s Snowmageddon ‘Our Story.’ The app showed them that it was viewed 25 million times and users took a screenshot of it 5,000 times. I found other ‘Our Story’ contributors who also saw views in the tens of millions, one of whom saw views as high as 27 million. For the Snapchat newbies, ‘Our Story’ is a collection of snaps submitted by users about certain events, like music festivals and holidays. These last 24 hours before disappearing. To put ’27 million views’ in context, Sunday’s Oscars’ views averaged 36.6 million people in the U.S., according to Nielsen ratings.”

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