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Roman Coppola on the Immediacy of Creating a Series Designed for Binge-Watching

Writer/director Roman Coppola talks to Fast Company‘s Co.Create about his first foray into web series with his new Amazon Studios series Mozart in the Jungle.

He says, “Feature work, if you’re lucky, it’ll be filmed in a year but most most likely it’s two or three years, maybe seven, or maybe never. That’s just the way it goes in that world. But [with this] we were: “Oh, my god. We’re shooting this Wednesday—it’s Monday afternoon. We have to figure this out.” Or the location fell out so we’re not shooting an exterior now—how can we set it in an elevator. So there’s an immediacy in this process of this new format of television that’s serialized for a binge-watching experience rather than an episodic kind of thing. That really created a charge for us.”

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