Buyer's Brief: Video Switchers

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HS-2000 Travel Kit

This hand-carried mobile studio simplifies the workflow of any HD-SDI production venue. The HS-2000 combines one or two DVI-D sources and three or four HD-SDI sources. It features a 17-inch LCD (LED backlit) monitor to display a multi-view output. The built-in four-channel audio mixer comes with a five-channel wired intercom, complete with headsets, tally lights, and intercom belt packs for four users. Program output may be recorded on the included Datavideo HDR-60 digital video recorder. The travel kit also includes three 50-foot BNC cables.

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The HVS-100 portable video switcher is capable of 4K production and offers a wide range of functions, including mixed HD/SD input, frame synchronization, multi-viewer capability, re-sizing engine, 2.5D wipe effects and DVE and keyer with chromakey. It comes standard with eight HD/SD-SDI inputs and four outputs (plus one HDMI output). A maximum of 14 inputs and six outputs or 12 inputs and eight outputs can be freely assigned, and three slots enable the addition of various inputs and outputs. The control panel includes dedicated bus buttons, aux buttons, a fader controller and direct user buttons for various functions.

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Studio HD51

This all-in-one live production switcher is ideal for studios, facilities and live production trucks. Key features include five inputs and one output with HDMI and HD-SDI support, dual screen viewing, ISO recording and remote camera, and a sleek LED design that allows installation on a desktop or rack. Studio HD51 includes all the features of Livestream Studio. Recording capacity is about 20 hours of 1080i material. HD live streaming via Gigabit/100/10 built-in Ethernet. Multiple simultaneous bit rates, including mobile quality for playback over 3G on mobile devices. Integrated live streaming to Livestream or any other RTMP compatible service. Livestream Studio HD51 is now shipping for $7,999 MSRP.

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TriCaster Mini

NewTek took the power of its professional line of TriCasters and placed it in a complete compact multimedia studio, the TriCaster Mini. Weighing 9 pounds and the size of a lunchbox, TriCaster Mini is small enough to fit in a backpack. Because it has HDMI I/O and a hand-carry form factor, setup with the Mini is fast. The Mini can create visually sophisticated multimedia presentations and stream them live, publish to social media or upload to a web site from the office, an event, or any location with an Internet connection. TriCaster Mini with integrated display and storage for approximately 30 hours of recorded HD footage is $7,995. A version with storage for 15 hours of footage and without integrated display is $5,995.

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6b_LIPS * - Blood_Enhancement_After

VFX Legion Heighten the Horror for 'MA'

Blumhouse Productions taps the LA/B.C.-based VFX company's experience digitally mutilating and eviscerating characters and augmenting practical footage to elevate he visceral impact of some of 'MA's' most gruesome and suspenseful scenes.


Encore Vancouver Senior Colorist Claudio Sepulveda Helps Modernize the Look of “Child’s Play”

Director Lars Klevberg updates iconic slasher film “Child’s Play” for today’s hyper-connected world with a fresh take on the tale of a sinister toy doll on a murderous rampage. In honing the film’s final look, Encore Vancouver Senior Colorist Claudio Sepulveda worked with Cinematographer Brendan Uegama to draw out details in darker scenes, seamlessly integrate visual effects enhancements, and maintain cohesion across tension-escalating quick cuts.