Axon Promotes HD/4K over Ethernet-AVB

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Axon Digital Design, a manufacturer of conversion and interfacing products based in the Netherlands, continues to promote the distribution of HD and 4K signals over an Ethernet infrastructure using audio video bridging (AVB) as a cost-effective alternative to baseband coax cabling.

The company says that one advantage is that there is no requirement for IP address management, which makes the solution a “plug and play” system. A new device (or “AVB node”) is automatically registered in the network and available to be linked to other devices. Connections are established with very low latency. Since the switches are part of the transport mechanism, the system is easy to set up.

For a 4K-over-AVB demo, Axon used one Extreme Networks switch for two quadrants; the other two quadrants were transported over another Extreme switch plus an Arista switch. AVB’s guaranteed timing produced a perfectly timed picture as an output. There are also advantages to its use in live production areas versus using four coax cables.