TV Comes Undone

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Delivering content to viewers via an IP infrastructure signal continues to be regarded as the most cost-effective way to gives viewers want they want...and only what they want. Indeed, the flood of non-pay TV services launching in 2015 could upend the television delivery business as we know it. (Well, it won’t happen that fast, but the writing on the wall is a lot easier to see now.)

In the same October week, both HBO and CBS made significant streaming announcements. First HBO said it was considering a streaming subscription service that wouldn’t require traditional pay TV service (for about the same price as a cable subscription to the one channel, or $15 per month), then CBS said it would test a $5.99-per-month service called CBS All Access that would offer a library of on-demand episodes, including full seasons from 15 shows such as The Good Wife and Survivor. Episodes of the CBS shows are expected to be available on demand the day after they air. CBS reps say the live streaming service will initially be available in 14 markets in the United States.



AIPAC Speakers Double Miked by Point Source Audio

Point Source Audio’s CO2 Confidence headsets played a large primary—and a critical secondary—role for double mic’ing at the 2019 AIPAC Policy Conference held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington DC.