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Vine, YouTube and Youth Culture

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The New Yorker's Tad Friend profiles the ever-shifting world of online video--especially as it relates to the tastes and proclivities of teenagers.

He writes, "The digital realm is no country for old men; younger, fleeter forms and stars are emerging faster and faster, and you almost can’t trust anyone over thirteen to understand them. YouTube’s primacy as the place teen-agers go after school is already being challenged, especially by Vine, an app of looping six-second videos that launched last year. AwesomenessTV’s biggest stars are the teen-age Viners Cam and Nash: Cameron Dallas and his friend Nash Grier, a rascal with antifreeze-blue eyes who, at sixteen, has ten million followers. Rob Fishman, the co-founder of Niche, a branding firm that connects Viners with advertisers, noted that, after only a few months on Vine, an unshaved account manager at his company 'has more viewership than the New York Times has circulation.' Freddie Wong, a twenty-nine-year-old director who co-created 'Video Game High School,' told me, 'This world, even to me, is so vast and nuanced and incomprehensible it’s like the blind man feeling the elephant—a giant merry-go-round of teens chasing someone who’s famous for making six-second videos.'"

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