Vimeo CTO Talks the Future of Online Video

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In an in-depth Q&A on CNET, Vimeo CTO Andrew Pile talks about the future of online video, delving into subjects ranging from mobile apps to HTML5 to digital rights management.

Says Pile, "We're working on a new version of the mobile website. We call it drive-by consumption. Today, people see a video in a feed, click the link, go to Vimeo to view it, then click out. We'd like to get that more compelling so people watch other pieces of content or share it. There are challenges we are taking on. On Android [Google's mobile operating system] it can be different, but on iOS [Apple's mobile OS] you can't be logged into Twitter and Vimeo at once. A huge percentage of our traffic is sandboxed inside other people's apps like Twitter."

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