Astronauts Prepare for Trip to Mars with Virtual Reality Headsets

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This week, 6 people entered a habitat in Hawaii where they will spend the next eight months living as if they were on Mars. The experiment is meant to help foresee some of the issues astronauts could face if actually visiting the distant planet. The experiment will include an Oculus Rift program called the Virtual Space Station, which has been in development for 13 years.

Writes Gigaom, "NASA has been experimenting with virtual reality for years now, considering applications from flying planes to remotely controlling a robot. But when Oculus hit the scene two years ago, virtual reality suddenly became attractive for many more purposes. You can now watch a movie, play video games and visit remote locations from within a headset. It can be used to teleport the wearer to a new location–an ability that would be incredibly useful to astronauts cooped up on a spaceship or foreign planet."

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