What 'Open Windows' Can Teach Us About Effective Transmedia

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Nacho Vigalondo's Open Windows is not a transmedia project itself--it's a thriller told in a unique way, as one continuous take aimed solely on the main character's computer screen. However Tribeca Film's Zachary Wigon explains what the film can teach transmedia content creators.

He writes, "It's a stunning visual display, one that brashly and ingeniously utilizes the majority of popularly used modes of video communication that exist in the modern world today, and for this alone the film would be noteworthy. But what makes Open Windows so smart - the reason it succeeds where so many films trying to push the envelope on transmedia filmmaking fail - is that it understands that a simple, compelling story is an absolute necessity for any kind of formally inventive filmmaking of this sort. The vast majority of transmedia works try to push the importance of their gimmicks over the importance of their narratives, a fatal flaw. Regardless of however compelling one's technological approach is, a compelling narrative will always be the basis for successful filmmaking - without characters we care about and a situation that earns our emotional investment, displays of technological prowess will leave us cold."

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