Kinect Camera and a Concoction of Software Create Unique Visuals for MECHANICAL Music Video

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Engineer H. Martis used a Kinect camera and a plethora of software to achieve the unique, distorted visuals of his music video for MECHANICAL's "Secret_Science."

As The Creators Project explains, "The production process for "Secret_Science," like the band itself, was quite unique. For his filmed material, Martis depended almost entirely on an Xbox Kinect 360, which he then fed through the 3D image capture application, Brekel Kinect. For the remaining visuals, the engineer turned to a concoction of Meshlab, Vray for 3ds Max, Cebas thinkingParticles, Mettle FreeForm, and Trapcode Form. The pixelated oscillations of Martis's resultant filmscape blur the distinctions between life and code through, as the engineer himself describes it, 'complexities of esoteric cyber microscopy via complex fractal formula explorations.' In short, it confuses and disorients much in the same way as contemporary urban living."

Watch below and read more here.