Why Social TV Will Continue to Innovate

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Lost Remote's Zachary Weiner explains how social TV will continue to innovate to fulfill a basic human need: that of socializing.

He writes, "From the social standpoint, group watching will always makes sense. We are inherently social beings and when you start to take away venues to socialize in-person, we will create and seek out new venues. As the digital galaxy has exploded and given us more reason than ever to stay in our rooms with a personal device, new concepts are taking root. Group fitness classes have skyrocketed due to both increases in options, as well as the growing popularity of new formats like Crossfit and Zumba—many of which hinge on their social aspects. Anybody who has hit a new and trendy restaurant in a major city will see more and more 'Group dining' with tables conjoined with strangers. Concert tickets sales from 1999-2009 tripled, far surpassing population growth."

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