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A Comparison of Three Devices for Live-Streaming Video

Wired compares the Livestream Broadcaster, the Teradek VidiU, and the Teradek Cube 255 as devices used to live-stream video directly from a camera.

They write, “That’s the purpose of these devices: plug in a camcorder or camera, hit a button and you are live on the Internet. It could be a school play you’re broadcasting to grandparents abroad, a concert friends can’t attend, or a street-level view of a political protest. Of course, you can use a smartphone and one of a handful of apps to broadcast a video stream, but these dedicated devices let you it at a much higher quality. Foremost, you’re not limited by your phone’s camera; you can use a DSLR, a camcorder, or a compact camera with a special lens. Also, given the ability to fine-tune variables like bitrate and compression, you get more control over the file output. Best of all, with one of these small boxes, you don’t have to fiddle with software or arcane commands. Each device makes it painless, converting the video into an H.264 stream and sending it out over a Wi-Fi or 4G connection.”

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